Accepted Payment Methods


Notwithstanding the currency in which your customer’s bank account is, you should be able to sell to them. If the business is transacted on a debit or credit card, the processing will be done in USD, and the client’s bank will change the charge to the client’s base currency. Some customers may likely be asked to pay a conversion fee by their banks.
If the transaction, however, is done on a PayPal account, you may be the one to be charged for the conversion fee –you can read the PayPal section on blocking foreign currencies for more information regarding this.

Card Types

Your account has been configured to recognize the card types listed below provided that the card does not need a pin or password.


Special note on American Express

If you annually process less than $1 million in volume on American Express, you can make use of Braintree’s aggregated AmEx account. That is the simplest means to accept AmEx and is by default, enabled on your account; however, it is vital to note that you will have a lesser amount of flexibility with your description.
On the other hand, you can send an application for your personal account directly through AmEx. If you are going with this option, your description, funding, and chargebacks on AmEx transactions will be handled by AmEx, and you will be required to contact them for assistance on these issues.

Alternative Payment Methods

Adding to the card types itemized above, you can also carry out PayPal transactions via your BigCommerce store. When you registered with BigCommerce by signing up with them, a PayPal account was created for you automatically if you didn’t have one before. Be certain that your email address has been fully verified with PayPal before you complete the setup steps shown below.

Required PayPal setup steps

Verify your PayPal account

To prevent withdrawal limits or the failure to carry out transactions, you will have to verify some necessary information like your bank account.
If you get to the PayPal console and locate your profile, you should be able to find prompts that will aid you in completing the verification. If you encounter challenges, message PayPal support team.

Recommended PayPal setup steps

Enable Settlement Withdrawal

To make funding simple, we advise that you have Settlement Withdrawal enabled on your account by getting in touch with PayPal. You can get more information as regards withdrawing funds from PayPal here.

Block eCheck Payments

An eCheck (electronic check) is any payment made directly from your client’s bank account. Braintree doesn’t support transactions like these right now. If your PayPal account permits for eCheck payment attempts, the payment may be authorized and made successful, but the transaction will automatically become void.
eCheck payments may likely be blocked even before the authorization, which provides your customers with a better experience. To prevent eChecks payment, you should have your payment receiving preferences adjusted.

Extend Refund Time Frame

PayPal, by default, demands that refunds are to be issued within sixty days of the sale. However, you can have this adjusted by contacting PayPal support team.

Block Foreign Currencies

PayPal supports several currencies, which indicates that customers can transact with you even if your PayPal business account currency is different from theirs. When you accept such payments, you will be required to pay a 2.5% conversion fee. To avoid paying such fee, you can alter your payment receiving preferences to block payments in foreign currencies.