TechTrade LLC Orders and Payments

Eligibility to Purchase

The eligibility to purchase merchandise through (TechTrade Logistic LLC) requires several conditions to be fulfilled. The first and foremost is that the purchase can only be made by parties who can legally join contracts on the internet. The legal governance is carried out by the laws of the European Union. Other information like payment details and personal profile are also to be submitted which should represent that you have the warrant to not only make the purchase but also you are the person that is referred in the billing details.

Anyone who offers to make a purchase of the merchandise is willingly authorizing TechTrade Logistic LLC to make credit checks where the company feels entitled to. This also covers where the transformation of obtained information to third parties. This process is put into practice to validate and confirm your identity and credit/debit cards. If you live in a community property jurisdiction your spouse’s credit reports will also be validated.

TechTrade Logistic LLC holds the right to limit more than one quantity of a specific item that is being shipped to a single customer or an address.


Any item selected is subject to its availability and acceptance at the time of placing an order. Any item that is in your bucket is not reserved for you and can be purchased by other customers. If you order something you will get an automated email which shows the details of your order. Also, the email is not the acceptance of your order, acceptance is only delivered once the packaging of your order is completed. Also, you have the option of canceling the order. The same goes for our modus operandi, we can cancel the order on the basis of sole discretion and are not liable to you or any third parties. We can cancel the order or any transaction at any time before the acceptance.


There are a variety of payment options that one can opt for. Major credit and debit cards are always an option as well as PayPal and AmazonPay. If payment is made through AmazonPay you will get redirected to website. We are not responsible in any way for the payment that is processed through website. It is your duty to understand and familiarize yourself with PayPal TOS. As soon as your order is dispatched payment will be cleared from your account and will be transferred to TechTrade Logistic LLC. Upon payment, you will need to verify that it is your card or you have been authorized to use it. Any individual who makes a payment is subject to verification. If by any chance, the issuer of your credit/debit card declines the payment for an order TechTrade Logistic LLC will not be liable for non-delivery or delay of delivery.